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Energy Recovery

Reliable Energy Recovery Rotors

Rotor Source provides Ostberg Energy Recovery Rotors – commonly known as energy recovery wheels – and cassettes with lots of sizes to meet a wide range of applications. 

Ostberg is a popular multinational manufacturer of energy recovery equipment. The company has tens of thousands of applications as well as an excellent industry reputation for low prices, high quality, and minimal maintenance. 

TA3 models offer industry standard 3A non-migrating molecular sieve desiccant performance on an extra-thick, heavy-duty aluminum substrate specifically developed for the U.S. market. 

Call us today at 225-753-1700 to learn more about energy recovery products. Be sure to check out the energy recovery manual and the software manual, too.

Ostberg Rotary Energy Recovery Products

Ostberg rotary energy recovery rotors and cassettes are known for:
  • Welded spoke structure maintains tolerance
  • No-maintenance internal bearings
  • Low cost for industrial and commercial applications
  • Standard sizes to 3.5-meter diameter – larger sizes available
  • Standard depth of 100 mm and 200 mm
  • Standard flute height of 1.7 – 2.0 mm offers high capacity, low pressure drop
  • Available in non-standard sizes
  • Complimentary performance software program

Source Of High-Capacity Energy Recovery

  • Standard 3A molecular sieve for high-capacity, water-selective absorption
  • Smooth face for close seal tolerance and minimal leakage

Tough Structure

  • Oversized shaft and bearings mean long life and maximum rigidity
  • Welded, heavy-gauge interior spokes for maximum rigidity at hub and outer band
  • Minimizes operating run out of rotor
  • Heavy-gauge cassette and center post resists flex from operating air pressures
  • Rigid cassette structure for low leakage at higher air velocities 
  • Maintains seal clearance
Shaft alignment system

Design And Application Flexibility

  • 16 standard sizes for a wide spectrum of air volumes
  • 16 different cassette configurations from one standard “universal” cassette 
  • Maximum design flexibility
  • Single and three-phase motors for all sizes 
  • The right voltage for the application
  • Adjustable purge section on all sizes
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